Updated: Jul 22, 2019

A week of wet UK weather building up to the weekend of this wedding day kept us all guessing wether we'd need wellies and umbrellas. Luckily the weather was kind to us and we got lucky. It was warm with a touch of sunshine creepy through the dark clouds. Alrewas Country House has some incredible photo opportunities and a lovely charm. It was a great day to capture a beautiful wedding.

Pre-wedding hair preperations
Hair by the very talented Adele Sharpe, White House Hair, Mansfield

Pre wedding hair
Finishes touches done! Time to get the dress on.

Bride to be
Here comes the bride - Sam looking fabulous

Bride and groom corn field
Pristine corn field with a few poppies popping!

bride and groom country lane
Nature has a canny way of making wedding attire pop!

bride and groom in woods
Woodland walks give a lovely richness.

confetti bride and groom
"OK, throw the confetti high in the air!" - There's alway one who launches confetti in the Groom's face!

From nervous to naturals

Sam and Brett were very nervous about having their photograph taken and although we'd had a few meets, the overwhelming emotions on the day were make it difficult for them to relax into the shoot. But after a few minutes of alone-time away from the crowd they had time to enjoy each other's company and select on the fact they'd just tied -the-knot! Before we knew it, Brett was loving it and quickly pointing out photo opportunities. It was great, so much good fun and it shows in the photos. Congratulations Mr & Mrs Duffy! What and absolute privilege to be a part of your beautiful day.


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